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Kuwait Reiterates Its Commitment to Assist Least Developed Nations

Kuwait has reiterated its commitment to assist the least developed countries stemming from its full belief in the Sustainable Development Plan 2030.
This came in Kuwait’s speech before the United Nations General Assembly which was delivered by Chancellor Tahani Al-Nasser on the New Partnership for Africa’s Development.

“We have been very interested in the effective partnership between the United Nations and the African continent, which has culminated in the promotion of peace, security and stability,” she said in a report presented by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD).

She hoped that the African countries would benefit from the report of the UN Secretary-General to work actively to support development and stability in the continent.
This, in turn, contributes to addressing the political, economic and development challenges facing the continent in order to achieve effective implementation of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Sustainable Development Plan 2030.


As part of the Secretary-General’s review of developments with the African Union, Kuwait supports all measures taken to promote sustainable development in Africa and all measures to strengthen cooperation with the African continent through the African Union, she said.

She noted the importance of the agreement signed between the United Nations and the African Union last year, “as it represents a cornerstone to support development in this continent.” Al-Nasser praised the achievements of African countries in the field of development and supported all joint efforts between the United Nations and the African Union to develop a joint strategy for the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Plan 2030 and the African Development Plan of the African Union 2063.

The plan was announced at the African summit last January, which aims to accelerate the implementation of the African Sustainable Development Plan and integrate the UN and African plans into a single plan to ensure effective implementation and contribute to an environmentally sustainable, human-centered structural transformation in Africa.


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