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Kung-fu Wushu: All You Need to Know About the Very Popular Discipline in Congo-Brazzaville

Discipline of Chinese origin, kung-fu wushu is more and more practiced in Congo-Brazzaville where it was introduced in the 70s by Chinese technicians of a match making factory. After more than thirty years of existence, this sport was endowed in 2014 with a federation called Congolese Federation of kung fu wushu (Fécowu).


It has about twenty clubs distributed throughout the country, including nineteen in Brazzaville. With the support of Chinese partners, Fécowu has been sending Congolese athletes for a few months to a training course at the Shaolin Temple in China.

“Three Chinese experts will come in April to coach the athletes. At the end of this training, three of them will be selected for a high-level internship at the Shaolin Temple in China. In addition to this training for athletes, the Congolese judges and referees of kung-fu wushu will also benefit this year from an internship in Senegal. Upon their return, they will relay the new rules of play in other departments, “said Stève Kouma, president of Fécowu.

Kung-fu, sometimes referred to as Chinese Boxes, is made up of hundreds of different styles of hand-to-hand or army fighting, which have been developed in China over the centuries.


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