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This Is Korryn Gaines, The Ninth Black Woman Killed By Police In The United States!!!


This is the ninth black American woman to die this year under the bullets of the police. Korryn Gaines, a mother was shot dead Monday by police while she was cut off from her home in Baltimore with her five year old son, injured in a shootout. police blunder or self-defense? The woman filmed part of the intervention. But Facebook, on the request of the police, has disabled her account – just like her Instagram account. In the US, several voices that light be shed on the tragedy.


It is a drama that comes more engrave a new name on the long list of black Americans shot dead by police in simple yet innocuous controls or arrests. After the death of Alton Sterling, 37, shot dead in Louisiana when stopped in a parking lot after that of Philando Castile, 32, shot in Minnesota during a traffic stop, this time it is a woman who died under police bullets in the United States.



Korryn Gaines, photo Twitter

Her name ? Korryn Gaines. Monday, July 25, the 23 year old mother was shot as she was cut off from her home in Baltimore with her five year old son, wounded in the shooting. New police blunder or legitimate defense of the security forces? Few media in the United States still have addressed the issue while on social networks, anger rises to demand that light be made.This Wednesday, the subject is still cut a small square in the A  Washington Post  that, between two articles on the election campaign, attempts to trace the place of facts.


It is a little over 9 hours Monday morning when Baltimore County police knocking on the door of the young woman, armed with a warrant. They just call Gaines for failing to appear in court in case of a traffic offense dating back to March. No answer. The police men,…


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