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Did You Know That President Mugabe Is The World’s Most Educated Leader? With 7 Degrees

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is the world’s most educated president with 7 degrees of which two are Masters Degrees.

Mugabe was raised as a Roman Catholic, studying in Marist Brothers and Jesuit schools, including the exclusive Kutama College, headed by an Irish priest, Father Jerome O’Hea, who took him under his wing.

Did You Know That President Mugabe Is The World's Most Educated Leader?
President Robert Mugabe

Through his youth, Mugabe was never socially popular nor physically active and spent most of his time with the priests or his mother when he was not reading in the school’s libraries. He was described as never playing with other children but enjoying his own company. According to his brother Donato his only friends were his books.

He qualified as a teacher, but left to study at Fort Hare in South Africa graduating in 1951, while meeting contemporaries such as Julius Nyerere, Herbert Chitepo, Robert Sobukwe and Kenneth Kaunda. He then studied at Salisbury (1953), Gwelo (1954), and Tanzania (1955–57).

Did You Know That President Mugabe Is The World's Most Educated Leader?
President Robert Mugabe

Originally graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from theUniversity of Fort Hare in 1951, Mugabe subsequently earned six further degrees through distance learning including a Bachelor of Administration and Bachelor of Education from the University of South Africa and a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Laws, Master of Science, and Master of Laws, all from the University of London External Programme. The two Law degrees were earned while he was in prison, the Master of Science degree earned during his premiership of Zimbabwe.

Teaching In Zambia And Ghana: 1955–60

After graduating, Mugabe lectured at Chalimbana Teacher Training College in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) from 1955–58, thereafter he taught at Apowa Secondary School at Takoradi, in the Western region of Ghana after completing his local certification at Achimota School (1958–60), where he met Sally Hayfron, whom he married in April 1961.

During his stay in Ghana, he was influenced and inspired by Ghana’s then Prime Minister, Kwame Nkrumah. In addition, Mugabe and some of his Zimbabwe African National Union party cadres received instruction at the Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute, then at Winneba in southern Ghana.


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    • Precisely. His people starve while fools write garbage like this to try and pretend he’s a good leader? Disgusting. Power took a good man and rotted him from the inside out.

        • He is evil to you but not to us citizens, your problem is one,no black man is good on your sight……long live comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe ……long live!

          • Really ?????????
            I’d like to ask your age. Because if your in your early 30s chances are you’ve never lived under any other rule except the Mugabe rules ….
            Can’t you see how he and his family and friends have taken advantage of you and so many undeserving people of Zimbabwe . He has hotels all over the world money hidden away for his family so they can continue to live the life of luxury while you struggle every day to feed yourselves … Zimbabwe is one if the most beautiful countries in Africa ,I should know I lived once ,, I was one of the younger ones who lived through the change from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe I was still at school and finished my high school education .I was the only white guy in my class of 30 to this day I still have contact with my class friends and I find it so sad that things have slowly got so bad . As to Mugabe and his education well … He gave himself the honoury degrees along with his medals etc …he was educated. Yes. But like most others….he just managed to climb to the top of. A pile of some ones. And then killed them all off and any one who offered any sort of challenge to him ..
            Justice will come to him soon when he has to face up to his crimes and evils
            Some how I think the place in hell is already there. Waiting

  1. A teachers degree? That is probably correct but in itself is no big deal. Other degrees were via long distance learning so are “suspect” and open to academic fraud. His others degrees are honorary degrees which are NOT earned through academic or scholastic achievement but rather as in a mutual “back slapping exercise”. You just have to look at mugabes life achievements to see where his learning has benefited mankind, (or even Zimbabweans).

    • No matter how you feel, the President worked for his degrees and is not in competition with anybody. Why don’t you earn some honorary degrees yourself?

    • IN A JIFFY:

      Totally agree about being suspect of his “educational achievement”… Also would love to feel proud as a black, African, negro, or any term seem fit, to describe me as a Jamaican, if all that was true about Mugabe.

      If so instead of making it beneficial to his people, country and the world, he used all his power to make other peoples lives hell…

      His traits growing up would’ve shed some light on his outcome as well. In terms of non socialisation…


  2. Locked away with priests. Now that could explain his cruelty. He could have demanded the degrees. Being threatened with death tends to make people hand things over.

  3. Education is measured in terms of LEVEL OF EDUCATION, PUBLICATIONS, AND ACADEMIC POSITIONS HELD, among others. So a person with a BA, MA and PhD is more educated than someone with a HUNDRED BACHELORS DEGREES. A child who does 200 SUBJECTS AT MATRIC is not “more educated” than someone with a Bachelor’s degree.
    Mugabe’s highest level of education was really his Bachelors Degree from Fort Hare University. After that he did many correspondence Bachelor’s Degrees while in prison. The Tanzanian President has a PhD so he is much more educated than Mugabe. Barack Obama has a Harvard Law degree so he is “more educated” than Robert Mugabe.
    Mugabe has not published anything in peer reviewed academic journals and he has never lectured at any university.
    The man is not the best educated even in ZANU. Eddison Zvobgo, Nathan Shamuyarira, Bernard Chidzero, Joe Taderera, Musindo Chenga, Herbert Ushewokunze and many others were better educated than Mugabe but some got killed for that

  4. Interesting that the colonial countries that he now despises, ridicules and trashes are the very ones that gave him his high education! Talk about lack of gratitude and how he has used his education to his own benefit and feather his own nest at the expense of the people he was mandated to “lead” is nothing short of disgusting.

    • it’s about as interesting as all of those European nations that claim there’s nothing in Africa while building their country’s financial infrastructure on Africa’s stolen wealth.

  5. Of course he’s the most educated leader after all he is the only leader smart enough to not want the white race invading and taking over his country.I love and respect him Iran and North Korea more than any of the others.

  6. Robert Mugabe is my role model, people with little education and no common sense will starve, South Africans like to talk Zimbabweans down, as if they are better off while over 50% of them survive on government grants. Wake up folks and smell the copy. Zimbabweans will never be outwitted by Europeans again. Viva Mugabe! “Madoda sibili”. The opposition in Zimbabwe, learn from the master, immerse yourselves in books. Study!!

  7. His being sitting on his degrees and using them brainlessly. He could have just shelved them, what a waste. How have they helped to govern our Country Zimbabwe, which he has brought down right to its knees, through corruption, oppression. Very wicked, heartless human being.

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