11 Year Old ‘Carson Huey-You’ Scores 1770 SAT, Admitted to Study Quantum Physics in College

To call Carson Huey-You intelligent would be an understatement. This young man is phenomenal in every sense of the word and it is apparent once you find out his story.

At the tender age of 11 years old, Carson was the youngest person ever admitted to Texas Christian University. And get this, he was admitted to study quantum physics. That’s right, an 11 year old was admitted to take the path to become a quantum physicist.

Carson huey youHis score of 1770 on the SAT puts him in the upper echelon of those that took the test, but when you realize he was only 11 years old, then everything changes and you realize person is out of this world intelligent.


By the age of 2 he was reading books, started attending high school classes by the age of 5, speaks Mandarin fluently, plays the piano, believed calculus was relaxing and even had his goals set higher for the University level.

According to reports, Carson plans on finishing his PhD by the time he turns 20 years old. He will be well ahead of the game and just ripe to change the world.

Carson was taken to school by his mom each morning, which they live near the Fort Worth, Texas campus.

He started his freshman year at the university in 2013, which means he should be a junior this year in 2015 and well on his way to reaching his first goal of graduating college.

Hopefully, the story of young Carson will inspire our parents out there to continue to challenge, educate and grow their children in the areas they are passionate. For we know, a child with the right support, motivation and encouragement can accomplish anything they put their mind to attain.


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