Kim Yo-jong: Things to Know About the One Who Could Succeed North Korea’s Kim Jong-un in the Event of His Death

The health of the North Korean leader is causing increasing concern among Korean governors and politicians. Several media reveal that Kim Jung-Un is in critical condition, while others state that he is doing perfectly.

According to well-introduced sources, his younger sister by the name of Kim Yo-jong is the person designated to succeed Kim Jun-Un in case the latter dies.

In a message posted on social networks, the vice-president of HKSTV (Hong Kong Satellite Television) announced the death of the leader before erasing it a few minutes later. This information was relayed by several Chinese media. Whether Kim Jung-Un is dead or alive, one thing is certain, since April 11, the North Korean leader has disappeared from radar.

In its columns, Reuters reported that it was spotted in a northeast region of North Korea. This information was given without further details.

After all this information it is difficult to know if Kim Jung-Un is still alive or not. The question everyone is asking now is who will be the successor to Kim Jung-Un after his death.


The person who would be better placed to succeed the leader seems to be Kim Yo-jong. Described as “more bloodthirsty than Kim Jong-un” , Afrikmag presents you the tracks which demonstrate that Kim Yo-jong will be the likely first future North Korean dictator in the world.

First, in December 2019, some specialists and reports indicated that Kim Yo-jong had been appointed to a position similar to that of vice-president. This information was reportedly confirmed by the Japanese daily “Yomiuri”. ”  Kim Yo-jong was officially named heiress in December 2019 by the central committee of the Workers’ Party,  ” said the daily.

Secondly, Kim Yo-jong is the person who orchestrated the communication plans for her older brother, an act which propelled her to the communication department of the regime in 2011. Given her efficiency and her political foresight, she was appointed to the current regime as director of propaganda. In this new function, she will work to polish the image of her brother with populations and international political actors.

Third, Kim Yo-jong has another trait that differentiates her from her brother and that makes her an atypical person, she avoids cameras a lot. The last time she was seen was in 2012, during her father’s funeral. At that time, she was only 23 years old.

Besides that, her character of uncompromising girl allowed her to join the Workers’ Party of Korea which was also a decision-making body led by her brother.

In addition to its strong implications during the historic meeting between the two Koreas at the time of the Olympic Games, Kim Yo-jong would have played a very important role in the rapprochement of the American President, Donald Trump and Kim Jung-Un after their discord on the ‘nuclear weapon.

Finally Kim Yo-jong studied discreetly and under high protection in a private school in Bern, Switzerland, before returning to North Korea in the late 2000s.

According to several sources, Kim Yo-jong, the probable heiress of the throne speaks French and English fluently.


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