Kim Kardashian Trolled for ‘Not Being Human’ as ‘She Has Six Toes on a Foot’

Kim Kardashian has once again been targeted by cruel trolls who claimed she is “not human” as photos show “she has six toes.”

The 39-year-old Keeping Up with The Kardashian star has faced accusations of having an extra toe on previous occasions.

Cruel trolls have taken aim at her again after she appeared on the red carpet at the American Influencer Awards.

Wearing open shoes, the reality star’s feet were on show for all to see and it wasn’t long after the pics appeared online that social media was flooded by those that wanted to hit out at Kim over her perceived ‘sixth toe’.

One person took to Twitter, writing: “U really have 6 toes on both feet LMAOO You’re not human at all.”

Another cruelly added: “Why am I seeing 6 toes?”

The red sandals being worn by Kim seemed to accentuate the fact there could be another toe on her foot and this is not the first time that she has been called out over it.

Kim Kardashian has been accused of ‘not being human’ [Image: Getty Images for American Influe]

After a photoshoot with her sister, Kylie Jenner, as they promoted a collaborative effort on a new fragrance, Kim was accused of photo shopping as the image appeared to leave her with six toes.

The post was eventually removed after the furore became too intense.

A rep for Kim told Page Six at the time: “The confusing illusion is the result not of Photoshop, but of the sideways angle of the star’s foot.”

A podiatry expert has revealed that it could actually be bunions brought on by wearing high heels on a daily basis.

Kim Kardashian has been accused in the past of having six toes

Speaking to Hollywood Life, Dr. Daniel Geller, a sports podiatry expert who works in foot and ankle surgery, has said that: “This is definitely not a sixth toe.”

He has also denied that it could be a ‘usual bunion’ as it is on the wrong toe.

Dr. Geller explained: “Typically, a classic bunion deformity is the swollen, painful imminent on the big toe.”

This doesn’t mean that it is not a bunion though, as Dr. Geller continued to explain: “When there’s a deformity on the outside part of the foot, that’s called a tailor’s bunion which is what this appears to be.”

An expert has explained why it looks like a ‘sixth toe’

Getting to the technicality of what could be wrong, he revealed: “Essentially what you’re seeing is the fifth metatarsal bone that protrudes outward a little bit, which almost creates an optical illusion that she has a sixth toe.”

He continued: “In this case, it’s usually the result of wearing high heels or shoes that are very narrow in the forefoot that really squeeze the toes together.

“As you squeeze the toes together, the metatarsal bone protrudes outward.”

However, this is not the only explanation for the mystery ‘toe’, saying that it could be a “bursa, which is an overlapping sac over the bone.”

This painful sounding condition is “bursitis, or inflammation, over the bursa of that joint which can also make it look more pronounced,” Dr. Geller added.


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