Kim Kardashian: Here’s What She Is Saying About Rumors Of Her Divorce

Since November 9, a rumor of divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has been launched by the American tabloid Life & Style . The reality TV star has decided not to let this intox. Here is what she found to show that she and her husband are always united.

Life & Style hinted on November 9: ”  Kim is going to divorce Kanye. It’s officially over, she’s ready to move on in her life  . ” To react, Kim Kardashian used a weapon she knows how to handle: Social networks.


The day after the announcement, Kim posted a photo of her with her husband going to the restaurant for Kendall Jenner’s birthday on November 3rd. A cliché she followed by a comment: ”  Rendez-vous  “, as if they went to a party face to face. His goal is to prove that they are always united.

Kim Kardashian: Here's her answer about rumors of divorce

According to Life & Style, Kim could no longer stand the mental troubles of her husband. ”  Kanye thinks he’s being spied on. He can spend days without talking to Kim. He blows hot and cold.And their sex life is not what it was,  “said the tabloid. In November 2016, Kanye West was a victim of psychiatric problems.

Kim Kardashian was with her husband during this crisis. A friend of the star told Us Weekly magazine ”  Kim has been amazing. She knew he could not continue like this anymore. She stayed by her side, she helps him to feed himself and lies down near him. “

During this time, she only went to see her children. Despite the support of Kanye West’s wife, rumors of divorce were heard.


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