Kim Jong-Un’s Sister Warns US And South Korea Over Planned Military Exercises

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Kim Jong-Un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, has warned the US and South Korea over their planned military exercises later this month.


She warned that the annual “war exercises” must not hold and that if the drills hold, they would damage North-South relations.


Last month, relations between North and South Korea took a positive step when communication was reopened, writes The Mirror.


But she said moves towards a better relationship could be undone if the military exercises hold.


Yo-jong said in a KCNA statement: “For some days I have been hearing an unpleasant story that joint military exercises between the South Korean army and the US forces could go ahead as scheduled.


“I view this as an undesirable prelude which seriously undermines the will of the top leaders of the North and the South wishing to see a step taken toward restoring mutual trust and which further beclouds the way ahead of the North-South relations.”


She added in the statement: “Our government and military will keep a close eye on whether the South Koreans go ahead with the aggressive war exercises, or make a big decision.


“Hope or despair? That’s not up to us.”


South Korea and the US hold a military drill each year which they claim is for defence reasons.


The South’s defence ministry spokesperson Boo Seung-Chan said the decision on whether the drills will go ahead will depend on the Covid situation.

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