Kim Jong-un: ‘Israel Does Not Exist To Be Given A Capital…….’

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reacted to the US unilateral decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by stating, with a touch of irony, that Israel does not exist for us to be able to to allocate any capital.


North Korea has never recognized the existence of Israel as a mere US imperialist dependency temporarily based in the Middle East.

For Kim Jong-un, what Israel mistakenly calls is an exotic historical anomaly created and maintained by capitalist imperialism to spread chaos and instability in the region.


For its part, the North Korean government reiterated its recognition of “Palestinian sovereignty over all of historic Palestine with the exception of the Golan Heights, which belongs to Syria.”

North Korean fighter jets participated in the fourth Israeli-Arab war of October 1973 alongside the Egyptian and Syrian armies.

At present, North Korea is militarily supporting Syria in its war against NATO and Israel-sponsored terrorist organizations. In 2016, a North Korean Special Forces unit, which analysts confused with Chinese forces, was deployed in Damascus to protect North Korea’s diplomatic and commercial interests in that country.



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