Kim Jong-un Is “Rational” And Wants To “Die In Bed”, Says A CIA Expert

A CIA official, an expert from North Korea, said that leader Kim Jong-un was a “rational person”, a fact that the United States should take into account in his dealings with Pyongyang.

“Beyond bluster, Kim Jong-un is a rational person,” said Yong Suk Lee, Assistant Deputy Director in charge of North Korea at the CIA, on October 4, at a conference on the CIA, at George Washington University in the US capital.

“In this country one tends to underestimate its conservatism,” he added. “He wants to govern for a long time and die in bed,” said Yong Suk Lee.

Kim Jong-un is "rational" and wants to "die in bed", says a CIA expert© KCNA Source: Reuters
Kim Jong-Un


Several US politicians, including President Donald Trump, portrayed Kim Jong-un as “crazy” and irrational.


“North Korea is a regime that is used to being defensive, given its history and the fact that it is surrounded by great powers, and its leaders play it,” said Yong Suk Lee.

“North Korea is a political organization that flourishes thanks to the confrontation [with the other powers],” he also detailed.

But Kim Jong-un’s bellicose rhetoric and his desire to defend his country’s nuclear program at all costs do not mean that he will make the irrational decision to strike the United States with a nuclear weapon, ‘expert.

“Waking up and deciding to launch an atomic bomb on Los Angeles is not in his interest if he wants to survive,” concluded Yong Suk Lee.


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