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Kim Jong-Un Gives A Last Warning To The African Youths.

A few months ago, North Korea warned Nigerians to stop mocking their leader Kim Jong-Un or suffering serious consequences, but this time, North Korea’s supreme leader take on African youth. 

In a letter posted on the North Korean regime’s twitter account, it says ” you people from Africa, especially young people who spend their time on social media making fun of North Korea, insulting people , I want to give you one last warning, stop insulting and mocking my people or you will face serious consequences that the world has never seen >>

“I have the ability to hit you from inside my bedroom, do not let me use force to tell you to stop. The next time you insult me ​​or my people, you’ll see what you’ve never seen before >> and the letter ends with DPRK NEWS signed.


For now, we do not know for sure if this letter is written by the regime of North Korea, because many false news circulating on the web these days.

knowing that North Korea has the ability to strike any part of Africa with an intercontinental ballistic missile, the warning must be taken with care and consideration.

Recently, South Korea revealed that Pyongyang was testing a way to put Coal (anthrax) as a biological weapon on an ICBM with devastating consequences on the health of humans and animals.

Pyongyang rejected this accusation that it is preparing for a chemical war. Pyongyang accused Washington of fabricating another “false pretense” for a surprise attack.


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