Kim Jong-nam, the Murdered Half-brother of the North Korean Leader, Was Reportedly a CIA Informant

According to Wall Street Journal reports, there is “a connection” between the US intelligence agency and the North Korean leader’s half-brother, whose assassination in 2017 had been around the world.

Quoting a “knowledgeable person on the subject,” the Wall Street Journal , said in an article published on June 10 that the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-nam,  murdered in Malaysia in 2017, was, in fact, a CIA informant.

The newspaper thus evokes “a link” between the North Korean leader’s half-brother and the US intelligence agency, while stating that the details of their alleged collaboration remain unclear. According to the anonymous source quoted by the daily, Kim Jong-nam would have gone to Malaysia in February 2017, especially to meet his CIA contact, although that would not have been the only goal of his trip.

However Kim Jong-nam – a time considered favorite to the succession of his father Kim Jong-il at the head of the country, before falling in disgrace – would have had difficulties to bring a precise lighting of the wheels of the domestic policy of Pyongyang , known for its opacity. “Several former US officials claim that Kim Jong-nam, who had been living outside of North Korea for many years, had no power base in Pyongyang, and was probably not able to provide details about the internal workings. of the country, “writes the Wall Street Journal .


According to these same officials, cited anonymously, the CIA would not have been the only intelligence agency in contact with the North Korean leader’s half-brother, who would “in all likelihood” have maintained links with several services. other countries, including those in China. So much information to take in the conditional because they could not be verified independently.

In his book The Great Successor , devoted to the North Korean head of state, Washington Post correspondent in Beijing  Anna Fifield, however, mentions similar information. “Kim Jong-nam has become a CIA informant … His brother would have thought that talking to American spies was an act of treason. But Kim Jong-nam provided them with information, usually meeting his officers in Singapore or Malaysia, “the journalist in an excerpt quoted by the  Guardian.

The Washington Post for which Anna Fifield works is owned since 2013 by Amazon boss Jeff Bezos. The latter has also signed a huge contract (more than 600 million euros) with the CIA the following year whose details remain unclear.


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