“Killing Bin Laden is Perhaps the Worst Thing I’ve Done”: Soldier Who Shot Bin Laden, O’Neill Says

The former US soldier who killed Osama bin Laden said it was perhaps the worst thing he ever did. On May 2, 2011, Osama bin Laden was executed in Abbottabad in northern Afghanistan. Pakistan by the Navy Seals, elite US military. Among those soldiers was Robert O’Neil, the one who shot the brain behind the attacks of September 11, 2001.

On the occasion of the 17th anniversary of these terrorist attacks, the former soldier invited to the TV show Good Morning Britain on TV ITV said that violence is not the solution to fight against extremist ideologies. According to O’Neil, education is the best army. He revealed that he realized this when he saw bin Laden’s son, only two years old, near his father’s corpse.

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“Being a father and thinking that this poor kid has nothing to do with it, I realized that it was not over and I wish that no one sees this kind of things. “

“It was a kind of realization that we are not going to win this war with bullets and bombs, but thanks to education, there is an ideology that makes us less safe. “

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“Is it the worst thing I’ve ever done or the best thing I’ve ever done? I am not sure of the answer yet. “

The former soldier who describes himself as a supporter of former US President Barack Obama and his successor Donald Trump, said that the attacks of September 11 constantly recalled the importance of the love and protection of friends and family. the family.

The former sniper said he was aware of the threats to his life after he revealed his identity for the first time in 2014, but he insisted that he “did not fear. “

“I would rather know that there is a threat than to pretend there is not. So, I’m not going to live my life with my head in the sand. “


“My children and I will continue to do what we do. All security measures are in place, we have dogs, we have firearms, we have security devices. Robert O’Neill retired from the US Navy and is currently working as a writer and engaged speaker.

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  1. Think about it. This terrorist killed thousands and wanted to kill millions what education program would have made him a goid guy. And would it have been worth the thousands of innocents this murdered killed and more he would have killed? One dead piece of crap thousands of saved mothers father’s husbands wives and children.

  2. His point was that killing UBL made him a martyr of sorts. The radicals used it as an example to bolster recruiting efforts, the rally that ensued in demonizing the US for entering a Muslim country “Allie” to get UBL, etc. As we know, he was marginalized long before this, but the message was that the US could find Sadaam hiding in a hole in the middle of the desert, others that thought hiding in plain sight would work, and getting to UBL who, in my opinion, was hiding in what he thought was the safe protection of the ISI in Pakistan’s version of Annapolis/West Point (Abbotobad). He also mentions UBL’s son, who is also now being leveraged as a symbol for AQ. This habit we have of judging the past with what we know now is not productive. The call then was the right one with what was known at the time. Now, we need to make good decisions with what we now know and don’t repeat lessons we have learned in blood and lost generations.

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