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Kerry Washington – “I have the right to be African!”

Pregnant for the second time, the star of the series Scandal will make the cover of September issue of InStyle magazine. For the occasion she meets very personal questions about his career and his black women in show business.

After Beyoncé and committed album, where she screams loudly his love for his African roots.It’s time for Kerry Washington to advocate its origins and status of women, and it is in InStyle magazine she speaks.

She was involved there is little action Sheryl Sandberg, she had encouraged women to support one among them to work, to move forward together, and not be passive and relayed to the background face to men. “Being the only woman in a group of men this is not a win. If there is one of us, we are easy to swing token, we do not have a real influence. If we are two, we are still in the minority. But if we are three, there we can have multiple views and act. “


At the age of eleven she joined a prestigious private school for girls in New York. Only student with dark skin of her school, she remembers his comrades told him “You’re lucky to be here” .And in hindsight she admits to InStyle “Of course I was lucky, but they also. They were lucky that I was there because I showed them what it was like Humanity”.

Kerry does not want to live in a world where one avoids talking about colors. “I have the right to be African. The goal is to live in a world where my skin color will not prevent me from reaching my goals. Where I could have representatives in the highest spheres of society without limits or quotas. “


Words which we hope will reflect the US, which undergo weekly numerous cases of racist violence.


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