Kenya’s White Dancing Jesus’s Real Identity Finally Revealed

With Christians awaiting the return of Jesus Christ for a long time, some Kenyans thought a white Jesus had landed in Kiseria.

Michael Job set tongues wagging after pictures and videos showed him dressed as Jesus Christ, waving to people out of a car’s sunroof.

The event started with the pastor announcing that he had invited the white, long-haired man to his church, and minutes later “White Jesus Christ” appeared – complete with long blond hair and wearing a robe. The congregants were cheering him on, danced and celebrated on the streetsand, of course, the “Son of God” joined in.

According to his social media profiles, Job is an actor, evangelist, and president at Jesus Loves You Evangelistic Ministries.


Job says he studied music and vocal Performance at a college in New York, is a former associate pastor at Christ Embassy International and is from Clarence.

Writing on his Facebook page, Job said; “Tonight’s last night of the Kiserian crusade was awesome! God’s Spirit came upon all of us. People surrendered their lives to Jesus, many people were healed, and God’s Spirit came upon us powerfully in worship…”

Although he’s accused of claiming to be Jesus when he held his crusade, which triggered off an avalanche of reactions on social media, it appears that the evangelist has been preaching dressed as Jesus in movies for years. He also portrayed Jesus in a movie titled Life of Jesus.

What was clear from all the reactions across social media is that most if not everyone expected the real Jesus Christ to have better dance moves.


Written by How Africa

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