Kenya’s Usalama Wins 2017 HiiL’s Innovating Justice Bootcamp

Usalama, a platform that connects users and emergency service providers including ambulance, security, police and even road-side assistance is the 2017 winner of The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL) 2017 Boostcamp.

The 2017 BoostCamp attracted 8 shortlisted innovators for the justice sector with Usalama making the strongest case among the six from Kenya and two others from Rwanda.

Usalama provides end users in an emergency situation a trigger for a distress signal, done by either long pressing volume down, shaking the phone thrice or tapping the emergency icon. This sends a description of their emergency, their GPS location, and the location of the nearest providers to two sets of people: The victim’s personal and pre-determined emergency contacts and an agent employed by an emergency provider.


The uniqueness and the projected impact given the level of need for emergency services sold this App to the jury that included former Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga. Dr Willy Mutunga observed that Kenya is getting ripe for innovations in sectors that were not considered before. “It is exciting to see that today’s innovations touch on the most burning social needs in Kenya”.

Usalama’s win secured the group a slot to join other innovators at the Hague, Peace Palace in December to share and learn more on how best to impact the justice sectors. Usalama will also receive an investment seed funding of ​€20 000 and expert advice to grow their business. From the remaining group:​ M-Haki, ​Smart​ ​Shamba, ​Notonlab​ ​(Tambua),​MSheria, Mulika​ ​Uhalifu, ​ ​Gerayo and ​ ​SocialWell, two more still stand a chance for acceleration support and mentorship as well as £ 20000 seed funding.

Hague Institute for Innovation of Law is a not-for-profit institution based in The Hague, International City of Peace and Justice. We are driven to make justice work for people through new technologies, cutting edge knowledge on conflict resolution, and new forms of organisation and governance. We partner with NGOs, governments and legal entrepreneurs to improve rulemaking and conflict resolution processes. Guided by the belief that justice should be accessible to everyone, we work to increase access to justice and enhance the rule of law.


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