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Kenya’s President, Kenyatta Calls for Political Leaders to Invest in African Union for a ‘Stronger Continent’


Kenya's president, Uhuru Kenyatta calls on Africa to re-invigorate in order to carry out 2063 agenda

Kenya’s president, Uhuru Kenyatta calls on Africa to re-invigorate in order to carry out 2063 agenda

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta has called on African countries to re-invigorate the African Union if it is to carry out Agenda 2063, the blueprint for Africa’s socio-economic transformation within 47 years.

“Indeed, it is only through a concerted effort on the part of every stakeholder in Africa, that we will forge a stronger future for our continent, and in so doing, build a stronger world as well. Action is therefore required on a number of fronts,” said Kenyatta.

He said that the African Union, “that mainstay of Pan-African pride”, must be strengthened and imbued with greater resources to carry out agenda 2063.


Kenyatta made the remarks during a meeting with African Ambassadors accredited to Germany in Berlin on Wednesday.

He said there was a need for increased investment among all of Africa’s stakeholders in securing the sustainable management of the environment, and creating solutions to contemporary environmental challenges such as global climate change, ozone layer depletion and air pollution, and resource degradation.

“As a continent heavily dependent on agriculture and on our natural resources, we must recognize that we have the most to lose from climate change and other environmental issues, and we have the most to gain from addressing them,” said Kenyatta.

He emphasized the need for heavy investment in peace, noting that Kenya has been at the forefront of regional peace initiatives, contributing to peace efforts in Somalia, where it was working with other Troop Contributing countries within the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

“As a result of our combined intervention, State building in Somalia has made progress and we believe we will soon realize sustainable peace within the region. But that process must be accelerated for the sake of regional stability,” he said.

“To mitigate these challenges requires heavy investment in infrastructural networks that link the continent and in energy.”


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