Kenya’s Mwimuto Wailers Receive Football Kits Donation From Betway

If you love football, here is a piece of news that you would like. Mwimuto Wailers received football kits donation from Betway a few days back.

The betting firm, Betway, donated football kits to the Mwimuto Wailers football club. The club is taking part in the Kabete sub-county CDF football league. drawing players mostly from the kabete society, this team was yet to be sponsored by some organization. The donation included training kits, tracksuits, balls, player shoes, training bibs and training cones.

While you can always enjoy betting on your favorite games, as all you need to do is to look to go online and go for Betway login, the gestures by Betway state that they are eagerly waiting for Kenyan football to rise to its glory again.

It will help the players prepare well for the upcoming league. Since most players belong to the underprivileged class, the donation is a much-needed boost to their efforts. Most of the team’s players are laborers who can’t afford these kits on their own. With a big betting firm investing in their training, the team is holding high hopes for its performance in the league.

Why is it Important?

The football kits are meant to hone young football talents of the country who can potentially make it big in the next few years.


The Kabete sub-county CDF football league is going to bring out some of the hidden gems from the counties across the Kabete constituency. Over the years, the sports of Kenya has shown tremendous growth potential and these leagues are going to provide the much-needed platform to the budding talents.

The only issues that plague these teams are the economic vulnerability of the players. With giant business firms like Betway making significant donations, this issue seems to take the back-seat. These donations are also going to attract sportsmen from all corners of the county. This year’s Kabete sub-county CDF football league is definitely going to be more thrilling. With better-trained players, the competition will be a fair play. All teams with a good coaching will compete for a level ground.

How Else is Betway Helping develop Sporting Teams in Kenya?

Betway made the donation as part of its efforts to support all sporting teams in Kenya. In the last decade, Betway has made significant donations to all sporting teams across Kenya. This allows the players and the team to have better sporting gear and a world-class training. Not only that, Betway is also involved with providing sports infrastructure.

The coach exchange programs are also a big thrust to the proper nurture of the talented youngsters. With a better playground and sports gear, the players are now receiving an over the top training. With a polished skill set and experienced coaches, the teams are now aiming high to perform on the international circuit. Earlier, the Kenyan teams used to lag behind owing to the lack of quality coaching and training kit. But since betway has begun investing so heavily, the future of Kenyan sports looks bright.





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