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Kenya’s Capital, Nairobi and 22 Other Cities Prepare for the Arrival of Flying Taxis

The entrepreneur community and the early supporters of the McFly Blockchain project have begun to build a flying car infrastructure in 23 cities spanning 13 countries, including Nairobi, the Kenyan capital.

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In these cities, the McFly community is putting in place a technological package for the installation of the air taxi infrastructure developed by the consortium.

“People in big cities are tired of the traffic, they will be delighted to have affordable private flights, we have developed a three-phase program to create an infrastructure for flying cars,” says Nik Bezhko, head of the community .

According to this one, these cars (VTOL) are piloted automatically to improve safety.

The idea is for passengers to be picked up at the heliport closest to their parking spot and dropped off at the nearest point to their destination

Unlike helicopters, flying cars will be efficient in using fuel, noise and safety, Bezhko said.

As far as fares are concerned, the trips have a price of $ 8 per minute. However, the prices will be based on the grid charge and the transactions will be made in c chips on the blockchain.

The company will use an initial production cost of $ 120,000 per vehicle. However, this cost will reduce to $ 30,000 and $ 40,000 once they start producing in quantity.

In Nairobi, it is expected that the project will open new business for contractors, engineers and drone experts, and hardware and software manufacturers for IOT, powered by the blockchain for infrastructure infrastructure. urban air taxi.

Note that Nairobi has been selected alongside major cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, Moscow, Madrid, etc …

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