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Kenya’s 94-year-old Ex-president Daniel Moi Reveals the Secret to His Longevity

Former Kenyan President Daniel Arap Moi has revealed that the secret to his longevity is to avoid women at all costs.

The former president believes that the main reason he has lived long is that he avoided women and spends most of his time playing on the veranda of his house in Kabarak.

Kenya: 94-year-old ex-president Daniel Moi reveals the secret to his longevity

Moi was born a few years after the First World War. When asked for advice on how to live a long and happy life, Moi replied, “I always spend most of the time outdoors playing a lot with my dogs on the porch. I hate noise and that’s why I prefer to be alone. “


Daniel Arap Moi became president of Kenya for the first time in 1978. During his years as president, Moi and the ruling party had absolute authority over the country’s political and judicial systems. Moi is a tough and experienced fighter, with a “cunning country boy” and a cunning to exploit tribal divisions.

As the Sunday Times, a pro-government government put it, “I may not have studied politics at any university, but he turned out to be a real” professor of politics “in the sense convenient.”

In 1982, Moi pushed legislation to make Kenya a country of law, a one-party state, even though it was de facto (real) a one-party state since 1969, when opposition was banned and KANU has started to overrule Parliament for decision-making


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