Kenya’s $1 Bride Who Was Gifted $35000 Wedding Found Back In Her Slum Neighbourhood

One half of the Kenyan couple, who had wed in a simple T-shirts and jeans, with their whole wedding expenses coming to less than one dollar, whom were gifted a posh wedding after their story went viral was seen today in her slum neighbourhood.

The new bride, Ann Mutura was spotted in her Mwiki neighbourhood with oversize slippers, while she counted some coins in her palm.

Before their big wedding, people have wondered, if that was the best that could be done for this couple, who were obviously struggling with their finances.

One of the voices objecting the elaborate wedding was that of a popular radio personality in Kenya, Caroline Mutoko said, “So these guys wedded for 100bob. We have decided…….NOOOOOO!! We’ll throw you a wedding worth 3.5m & then let you walk back into your poverty there after. Who does that!!
They are MARRIED!Are we saying the marriage is not valid because it was cheap?Surely those chums can be used to sustainably set them up….how does a limo change their lives??”

See pictures of the new bride below:






Photo credits:Facebook  @Hummingbird+


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