Kenyans React After Pictures Of A Man With Striking Resemblance To President Uhuru Kenyatta Goes Viral

Kenyans have been astonished by a fellow countryman who looks exactly like President Uhuru Kenyatta. The photo of a man with a striking resemblance to the head of state was spotted on social media, leaving many stunned.

This was after a tweep called The Prophet @dickkyny shared a photo of himself with a man, who happened to be the president’s lookalike. He even quipped that he had a chat with the ‘president’ and had received his blessings to run for an MCA seat in 2022. “#I was with Uhunye today at my fitness studio, and I told him of my interests for #MatheriWAKamburuWard2022, he gave me his blessings,” he wrote.

The tweet went viral with many sharing the photos on their pages while others held the same view in the comment section. Some even joked that he was a poor man’s Uhuru with others giving hilarious ideas on what they would have done if they were in his place. Here are some of the reactions:


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