Kenyans Organize Festival to Keep Culture Alive in Atlanta

For Kenyans living outside of their home country, remembering their culture and taking every chance to celebrate it has become part of their yearly routine.

The fresh smell of the leafy suburb of Marietta, Georgia still has all its residents excited with the feel of the weather in preparations of the event that has taken them quite some time to prepare for.


Timothy Ndegwa who is a Kenyan-born resident in the suburb is excited as the time draws closer to the commencement of the Atlanta Majuu festival. The festival is a cultural expo that is aimed at celebrating the history and richness of the Kenyan culture.

Mr Ndegwa who is an administrator at the Kenyan American Community Church (KACC) in Marietta said that this will be the seventh year that the festival has held and the community hosting it. He is most commonly referred amongst the residents as MyKenyanLink man.

He added that a lot of resources has gone into planning the festival with over 600 participants expected to attend, with a large number of guests to arrive from Kenya. This is because the event has become popular for celebrating Kenyan-African culture and usually draws the attention of most Kenyans living in Atlanta.

Dr Gitahi who is a Professor of Anthropology in a statement said “Our children and youth now appreciate their cultural roots as they act out dances wearing Kenyan attires. The festivals inform, educates, inspires and entertains those in attendance. The display mesmerizes those who will be experiencing the Kenyan African Culture for the first time”.

The Atlanta Majuu festival usually holds around this time of the year and it adds to the cultural tapestry that makes up the American society and encourages it to be more multi-cultural.


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