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Kenyans Blast Politician for Printing his Face on Examination Papers as a Campaign Strategy

Politics doesn’t always bring out the best in people. Winning at all costs means some rules are going to get broken – especially unwritten ones. One unwritten rule of politics must be “don’t bring school children into it” or at the very least “try not to confuse examination papers for your campaign posters.” 

Cornel Rasanga Amoth, the Governor of a county in Western Kenya, must have little patience for such rules because he just broke them in spectacular fashion. Rasanga, according to reports in the Kenyan press, has printed a portrait of himself on examination papers to be sat by approximately 8,000 pupils in his county. 


Pamela Okello, who advices the Governor on matters of education, defended the move.

“The move to place the governor’s portrait on the examination papers is just,” she said.

Okello told Kenya’s paper of record, The Daily Nation, that it was a matter of civic duty that “pupils know their governor and have a closer relation with him.”

One unwritten rule of politics must be “don’t bring school children into it”


Kenya is priming for general elections next year and pundits agree that the 47 available Governor seats will be hotly contested. Governor Rasanga no doubt is one of those who is feeling the political heat and is prepared to use the powers of incumbency against all comers, even if it means resorting to the unconventional. 

As County Education Minister, Okello certainly made no secret of the fact that there was some political calculation in the move.

“We are in the process of boosting the performance of our pupils and also as a campaign bid for Governor Rasanga in the next general election,” she said.

Even more damningly, she added:

 “Our campaign plan is good because even close relatives to the candidates will get to see the governor in the papers,” she said.

Online pile on 

The unusual move by the county has been met with furious, profanity-laced reactions online:





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