Kenyan TV Presenter Mocks Nigerians, Says Mark Zuckerberg Just Wasted His time in Nigeria

A Popular TV Presenter in kenya seem rather pained about Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Nigeria First.

The presenter who tweets via the handle – @xtiandela in a series of tweets mocked Nigerians over the fact that we were all excited he came down to Nigeria.

He said the Facebook Founder just came down to Nigeria without learning anything while he’s learnt a thing or two in Kenya.

See His Tweets below:

Mark Zuckerberg went to Nigeria, Nigerians made a lot of Noise you would have thought he wasn’t going to visit any other country.

So what if Mark Zuckerberg went to Nigeria first?

Hahahahaha…Nigerians need to take a chill pill

Ok..Nigeria..go to Nollywood and shoot the Movie “Mark Zuckerberg visits Naija”..hahahaha

Ok..Ok…Ok…Mark Zuckerberg came to Learn about Mobile Money Transfer in Kenya..What about Nigeria?
What Important thing has he learnt?

Hahahaha..Mark Zuckerberg went to run on a Bridge in Nigeria but Came to learn about Mobile Money Transfer in Kenya..

Looool!! Someone just said that the only thing that brings Nigerians together is Witchcraft and people need chills

Am sure he didn’t learn anything important from Nigeria.

He sounds too pained. Perhaps he’s seeking attention? Which of course he has gotten as quite a lot of Nigerians have replied him on Twitter.

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