Kenyan Startup To Launch World’s First $0 Smartphone For Retailers

Kenya’s Tanda One, a retail value chain startup is partnering with Google’s Android One to launch the world’s first $0 Smartphone for retailers to help automate millions of retail shops in the country then expand across East and West Africa.

Speaking in an interview, Geoffrey Mulei, CEO Tanda One said, “Tanda One smartphone comes preloaded with an app that automates the entire duka. It automates orders from suppliers, manages inventory and enables them vend electronic services to their customers such as lottery tickets, airtime, Kenya power tokens).”

“The phone is absolutely free. There are no hidden charges, no plans , no credit, nothing,” he added. “All for free for the shop owner.”


According to Mulei, Tanda One automates a duka’s supply chain and matches the duka with a cheap and affordable supplier. It then takes a commission from the duka’s supplier. Mulei adds that Tanda One’s goal is to solve Kenya’s mass market supply chain problem as most supply chain networks are either inefficient and unreliable forcing duka owners to source their own inventory, costing them lots of money and time.

Tanda One is something close to Koko Networks which uses KOKO points – located inside neighborhood shops in target cities with interactive touchscreens to enable mass-market consumers learn about, purchase, and take delivery of a wider range of products and services than is typically available from such shops.

KOKO Points handle all payment and supply chain management functions, ensuring the seamless movement of money and goods between suppliers, shopkeepers and customers. The firm’s first product on offer is the SmartCook, a modern cooking solution that competes with traditional cooking fuels on cost, safety and convenience. Tanda One, works similarly but it’s on a free smartphone.


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