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Kenyan Socialite, Huddah Monroe Bares Her Mind on Women Marrying African Men

Huddah Monroe, a controversial Kenyan starlet, explained why she thinks that 99% of women married to black men are not happy.

She stressed that “black men hate to see their women prosper”

Is it true ??

Well, here’s what she shared on social networks;


why are 99% of women married to black men still unhappy?

Frustrated, they have low self esteem, look sad and disappointed with life?

It’s like being married to a black man is slavery of modern times.

According to my own observations, most black men hate to see a woman prosper. They hate to see you doing good. They hate to raise you, so they crush your dreams, they tell you all the negative things about you so that you can have a low regard for yourself,

Once you have a low regard for your personality, you have nothing left, because of what you think of yourself. Then boom, their mission is accomplished, so they can play with you no matter how! at any time! May God keep us!

Psychological abuse is worse than physical violence. When someone starts to say, “You have gained weight” “You have lost weight” “I hate to see you make up,” these little things happen to you. And finally you become a puppet …

I would rather be single all my life rather than letting someone humiliate me. I did not come in this life to be a puppet. I will love, make love and respect my man as a woman should to a man. But there are limits that a mathafaka can not cross …


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