Kenyan President Announces New Measures to Fight Extremism and Terrorism

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday launched a new strategy to help in the fighting against extremism and terrorism in the East African nation.

Kenyatta said the National Strategy to Counter Violent Extremism articulates Kenya’s efforts to prevent terrorism and violent extremism.

“This has resulted in a sharp increase in operational tempo, coordination and equipment aimed at detecting, deterring and disrupting the activities of terrorists,” he said during the launch of the strategy in Nairobi.

The strategy, which will be implemented by the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government, will rally all sections of government, communities, civil society, the private sector and international partners in the war against terror.

Kenyatta said the launch of the strategy comes on the back of increased investments by the government in technology, skills and innovative approaches to countering terrorism.

He said the new strategy will add prevention and counter radicalization to the more traditional security approaches to fight the vice.

He said rehabilitation of foreign terrorist fighters who completely disavow the use of violence and adherence to the ideology and aims of terrorist groups is one of the crucial tasks being addressed by the new strategy.

Kenyatta also appointed Ambassador Martin Kimani, who heads the National Counter Terrorism Centre, as Special Envoy for Countering Violent Extremism.

The National Counter Terrorism Centre is the focal point and coordination centre for the anti-terror strategy.

Kenyatta urged all Kenyans to work together to deny violent extremists the room to radicalize their compatriots.

“Together, in coordinated fashion, we must as a people drain the swamp of violent extremism and deny it room to radicalize Kenyans,” said the President when he launched the report during a live media briefing.

President Kenyatta said he was confident that the new strategy was a critical step in protecting and advancing liberty and prosperity of Kenyans.

“Its lessons will be visible to all, and I look forward to their being shared with the reg

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