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Kenyan Afro-soul Singer Dela Delivers Best Version of Adele’s “Hello” in Swahili, Amazing!

A Kenyan singer has officially hit the airwaves with one of the best covers yet of Adele’s “Hello.”

Afro-soul singer Dela from Nairobi sings the song entirely in Swahili–with the exception of saying “Hello”–over an acoustic guitar track produced by Afro-pop sing and producer Fancy Fingers.

Since Adele surprised fans with the music video for “Hello” in October the debut single from her latest album 25, the song has been covered by anyone from Miss Piggy to Joe, in genres and languages that include American Sign Language and reggae. Her album 25 has gone on to sell over five million copies in the United States alone, maintaining its status at the top of the Billboard charts.


dela_adele_song_cover in swahili kenya

Check out the latest soul-stirring cover from the African Diaspora below:


via blackyouthproject


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