Kenyan Politician, Malik Obama Receives Exclusive Invite from Donald Trump

Siaya Politician Malik Obama has received an exclusive invite from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to be a guest at the third and final presidential debate on Wednesday night in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Malik, who is a half-brother to US President Barack Obama, will be the only Kenyan to grace the historic event.

The US President’s brother has opted to support his brother’s biggest critic and has even told the press that he was unhappy with President Obama’s leadership.

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In a past interview with the New York Post, Malik criticised his famous brother saying that he had not done much for the American people and his extended family back in Kenya despite high expectations.

Malik, who has US citizenship, has announced that as a result of the failure of the Obama administration, he would not support Democratic Presidential nominee Hilary Clinton but would vote for Trump.

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President Obama has tirelessly campaigned for Ms Clinton noting her past experience including her tenure where she served in his cabinet as a powerful Secretary of State.


However, Republican and other conservative politicians have used Malik’s hostility towards his brother to tarnish the image of the US President.

Malik had earlier this year complained that on a recent visit to the White House, President Obama did not extend to him a “warm and loving” reception.

The elder Obama has also complained that in 2013 when he unsuccessfully vied for the Siaya gubernatorial seat, his powerful brother did not extend political or financial help.

Malik came a distant last, garnering a meagre 2,792 votes and over 140,000 behind the winner and current governor Cornel Rasanga.

It is not clear the kind of support Malik wishes to receive but during President Obama’s historic visit to Kenya, Malik was accorded special privileges including a front row seat next to PresidentUhuru Kenyatta as his brother addressed the nation at Kasarani Sports Stadium.

Here is a photo of Malik with President Obama in the oval office:



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