Kenyan Group ‘Black Blues Brothers’ Thrill Pope, Audience At St Peters Square



A group of acrobatic performers originally from Nairobi called the “Black Blues Brothers” livened up the Pope’s weekly audience in St. Peter’s Square with a performance on Wednesday.

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The hundreds of faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square were ready for the usual catechism lesson, prayers, and blessings from the Pope and instead, they got a circus act.

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Pope Francis seemed to love the show.

Dressed in black suits with hats the group performed to tunes of “Soul Man” and “Do the Twist” doing acrobats, summersaults, and handstands in the air.


The Black Blues Brothers are five Kenyan acrobats whose shows have been staged for years in theaters and festivals around the world. With a strong musical component and an extraordinary repertoire of somersaults, human pyramids, stunts with fire, and virtuosity of the body, their performances amuse spectators.


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