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Kenyan Government Rejects to Sell Nairobi City to Chinese Billionaire

Kenyan government has rejected a 30 billion dollar proposal deal from the Chinese tycoon Xeng Yang to sell Nairobi City to the tycoon.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (L) shakes hands with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta (2nd L) after addressing a news conference at the Nairobi National Park May 10, 2014. REUTERS/Noor Khamis (KENYA – Tags: POLITICS ENVIRONMENT) – RTR3OKQJ

After Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta rejected a Chinese loan totaling to 3.1 Billion Dollar from Africa’s biggest loan lender and investor, African leaders are not easily falling for Chinese Money.


Chinese tycoon, Xeng Yang is ready to offer a multi-billion deal to Kenya in exchange with the Nairobi city for a period of not more than 5 years.

Trillionare Xeng has revealed of his intention to turn the city into a hub of cybernetics and develop electronic machines and human brains work.

The Chinese tycoon has pleaded with the Kenyan government to agree to his deal as it will be of mutual benefit to both parties at the end of five years.

In a defensive statement, Kenyan president said that it will be difficult to run the country with all the loans they have received from China.

The Kenyan government has however rejected the proposal on arrival terming the deal as frivolous since Nairobi is the capital city of the country hence cannot be sold out at all costs.

The Kenyan deputy president, William Ruto has warned Chinese investors against taking advantage of Africa as the government will not allow.

Source : African Stand


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  1. Whether this is fake news or not. The Chinese will want to exploit Africa for their animals for their goofy concoctions in China. If someone is willing to pay Billions or Trillions for your country, then that has to tell you that your wealth is serious….meaning that it’s not only money that makes you wealthy.

  2. As beautiful as China the country itself & it’s lucrative offer may have been just like China, Kenya is no new kid on the block but rather a country that has held centuries worth of historical landmarks & legacies with a vested interest of their own worth protecting & you don’t just come in quickly ready to dismiss all of that with the proverbial golden sell off & a check. Has China ever done such a thing like this before & would they ever consider allowing any African country to come in bringing their armies & police right along with their cultural traditions & then proceed with setting up shop quickly dismantling, dismissing, & bypassing everything that had ever meant something to the Chinese way of life ? “Money without restraint is becoming very dangerous these day’s” as it crosses over into the international world as we know it & starts growing fangs. Why would you want to bring your culture as a China man into a historical throughly documented tribalistic Africanised way of like ? It’s awkward, it’s powerful, it’s bold & it’s beyond suspicious to the other worldwide conglomerates who hold business interest all of their own within this very same continent…& can the unions & would they really ever deem an intermixed crossover like this viable & not just where China’s concerned but from a global point-of-view & aspect period ? wow what an attempted move !

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