Kenyans ‘blast’ Madonna for Posting photo of Sewer…Claiming that’s where Kenyan People Get Water from

Kenyan fans have gone on Madonna’s Instagram page to blast her after she posted a photo of a sewer in Kibera, called Kibera Africa’s biggest slum and said that’s where the people of Kibera, a part of Nairobi, Kenya, get their water from.

Kenyans, angry at the post have gone hard on the 57-year-old singer, who was in Kenya this week, with some saying no one drinks water from that sewer and that white people like to paint black countries in bad light. Their reactions after the cut






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  1. We all know that you made your millions selling donkey’s rear…oops I meant music here in the states right before booking it to London where you went on to do live on-stage performances in honor of your groom and confirming your position as his bride. So now your moonlighting as a Kenyan spokeswoman dear your not African and their concerns are not your business but if you have something that you’d like to put your energy into how about starting with the country that you currently live oh yes of course that’s right your not stupid what is there a UK muzzle on that mouth well maybe you do know what’s best for you leave the Kenyans it’s clear that you have nothing in common and if you cared in the least bit then this would be an article instead about your continued generosity…their mad you think!

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