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Kenyan Doctors Successfully Remove 13 Needles From Toddler’s Body


Doctors at a Kenyan hospital successfully removed 13 needles from a 10-month-old baby, with the toddler’s parents denying knowledge of how the needles got there, local Standard newspaper reports.

The surgery which was conducted at Thika Level Five Hospital, located to the west of the capital Nairobi, left both doctors and locals in shock.

The report says that the baby’s mother sought medical help after her noticing that her daughter was feeling unwell.

Before even the doctors could perform a diagnosis, her mother felt a prick as she changed her diapers, and a nurse helped remove the first needle.


The doctors recommended that the baby goes for an X-ray screening, where more needles were found to have been lodged inside her behind.

A surgery was then done and 12 more needles were pulled out.

One is however still lodged in her, as the doctors feared that removing it would injure hernerves and blood vessels.

“The remaining one, which is lodged in her flesh but at a deeper level, cannot kill the child. The child shall stay at the hospital as doctors decide what to do next,” The Standard quotes Dr. Toro. Ndunge to say.


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