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Kenyan Chris Mburu Takes 83Year Old Mother To Harvard University.. Reasons Will Melt You (Photos)

Harvard University

Things we will like to do for our old folks…Hmm! Lots of places you daily wish you could take them to,then you pause and say if not for lack of money!!!Right? Exactly. Chris waited until he could take his mother on that jolly ride, hereby giving her the joy she wished for, years back..Thank God she is still alive

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Social media cannot have enough of Chris Mburu, a Kenyan man who last week shared photos of his 83-year-old mother posing outside the renowned Harvard University. Mburu’s mother could be seen rocking a Harvard sweatshirt, and the reason for her visit is melting hearts all over the world!

The story of Chris’ rise from grass to grace, and attending one of the finest schools in the world started many years ago. In fact, Chris graduated from Harvard University 24 years ago. His mother who had always supported his education was unable to attend his graduation because it was too expensive.

Chris got his mom from her village in Kenya and facilitated her journey to the USA. Chris couldn’t hide his happiness when his mother wore a Harvard sweater and held a gift from Harvard in her hand. Though not educated, Chris said his mother remained supportive of his education has been the smartest people in living history.

 ‘When I graduated here 24 years ago, my mother was absent from the ceremony, because it was too expensive for her to make the trip from my native village in Kenya to the United States. So you can imagine the joy I felt last week as I brought her for her first visit to the university, at the age of 83! Though uneducated herself, my mother has always valued education and indeed remains one of the smartest people I know.’

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