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Kenyan Wins Commonwealth Photographer Of The Year Award

The Commonwealth Photographer of The Year 2016 saw over 300 entrants from all the 37 commonwealth countries.

The photos were judged on relation to the theme, which was ‘An all inclusive commonwealth’, composition, the focus, difficulty of obtaining the shoot and the originality of the idea.

As with every competition, many are chosen but there can only be one winner!

‘Batting Moran’, shot by Amunga Eshuchi of Kenya took the prize home.


The photo was captioned:


No sport tells of our collective history like cricket. It’s a sport taught in every land that Her Majesty’s Royal Fleet landed. Even in the dusty plains of Doldol, Kenya. Maasai warriors have learnt the game and now travel the world playing in their traditional regalia. So cricket is used, not just to promote community through sport but also to use that platform to raise awareness on social issues from their community, growing a more inclusive, knowledgeable Commonwealth.

Image: Amunga EshuchiImage: Amunga Eshuchi

Amunga was awarded £1,000 (Approx Kes. 148,000) as grand prize winner and regional winner for Africa. His photo will be displayed alongside an impressive line-up of powerful images from regional winners and finalists at an exhibition at Commonwealth headquarters in London throughout 2016. All winning photographs will also feature in a new Commonwealth calendar for 2017.

Source: africanseer


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