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Kenya: Villagers tell Politicians They aren’t Happy by Serving Them Dirty Water During a Visit

Villagers in Kenya have decided to give Kenyan politicians a taste of their suffering to find clean drinking water by serving them dirty water.

The residents of Marsabit County, at a scheduled meeting with their leaders on Tuesday, February 12, served them muddy water as refreshment as they failed to provide them with drinking water.Publicity


The guests were comfortably seated on chairs for the meeting with the residents of Karare district when the women served the political and administrative leaders present at the meeting with muddy water in bottles. The politicians tried to pretend not to see the water and continued to talk to each other. But their muddy bottled water was carefully deposited on the floor next to them.

Residents in the Karare region are unhappy that their leaders have failed to find a solution to their chronic water problem. The water used by the villagers to cook, drink and clean is contaminated and totally unfit for human consumption and they wanted to give their leaders a unique chance to see the kind of life they live.


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