Kenya: Two Men Docked For Trying To Trade Monkey Via Facebook

Two men have been accused of ownership of a monkey without an permit.

Police guarantee that the animal was discovered covered up in a container in the gear compartment of a bike seized near the Likoni ferry on Monday.

It is not clear where the suspect got the monkey from as police allege the two men have been advertising to sell it on Facebook attracting widespread interest. A detective posing as a buyer lured them into a trap and they were arrested.

On Tuesday, Feisal Abdallah Salim and Mbarak Feiswal Abdalla denied the charges before Principal Magistrate Francis Kyambia, after they were arrested at Nakumatt Likoni with the animal.

However, the investigating officer, Jackline Maiyo from the Kenya Wildlife Service was put to task to give a summary of how the arrest took place after the prosecution through Peris Maina applied to have the monkey returned to the Kenya Wildlife Services.

“We ask the court to allow the monkey to be taken to the orphanage so that it can get all the services like other animals rather than presenting it always to court, and instead use the photos during the hearing of this case,” said Ms. Maina.


However the suspects through their lawyer Tadayo Muyala denied the application saying since the case was on course then it should be presented in court.

However Kyambia ordered the investigating officer to take the stand and explain in summary how the suspects were arrested and the circumstances around the arrest.

According to the Investigating officer, the two suspects had put the monkey on their Facebook page and put a number as if they were selling it.

She said she met first suspect with the pet where he requested her to give him Sh6000 to have the pet.

“That’s when I saw the second suspect in a scooter and later removed the monkey which was hidden at the front of the scooter. I asked my officers who had already taken cover to arrest the suspects and deliver the motorcycle, the carton and the monkey to court as evidence,” narrated the Investigating officer in summary.

The suspects were released on Sh100,000 bond each as court set March 26 for hearing.


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