Kenya Turns A Stadium In A Makeshift Hospital

Hospital staff gears up, for another day treating COVID 19 patients.

These past few days the number of coronavirus contaminations have spiked in Kenya, reaching as much as 960 contaminations for July 26th alone.


Alcohol sale was banned and a curfew was extended in order to stop the quick progression of the virus in the country.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta delivered a stern dressing down to Kenyans for “reckless” behaviour.

He said there was notably an “aggressive surge” among young people who were socialising “particularly in environments serving alcohol” and were in turn infecting their elders.

But these patients require a particular attention. An hour away from capital city Nairobi, the Kenyatta stadium in Machakos was transformed into a field hospital. Workers make sure they are ready for additional patients.

Henry Kilemi, Manager at the COVID 19 treatment of the Machakos Stadium isolation centre, says the field hospital is able to welcome up to 400 COVID 19 patients.

“We are getting in more beds and more materials in preparation, and we also intend to open a new ward; we are anticipating the numbers of the patients as the numbers continue to surge. ”

Numbers could indeed very soon overwhelm doctors. Authorities aim to be able to treat 1 000 patients in the stadium, in order to decongest hospitals.

With close to 20 000 cases, Kenya has more than tripled its number of patients in the past month, leaving health experts worried.

Medical professional now struggle to do their best to provide treatment.


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