Kenya: Top 4 Kenyan Gospel Artists To Look Out For.

Kenya is filled with diverse culture and beauty expressed in fashion, languages spoken and, of course, music. The music in Kenya has grown, developing into a rich progressive sound. Everyone, regardless of their background, can enjoy it. Although many songs are in Kiswahili, the main message of the song is conveyed through feeling. Below are some Kenyan gospel artists that are worth listening to.

Bethu and the Highest Praise | ©
Bethu and the Highest Praise | ©

Music speaks louder than words – African Proverb


This is a collaboration between Bethu and the Highest Praise Band, now commonly referred to as HPB. The band has both up tempo and mellow music with skilled instrumentalists. If you enjoy music by Israel & New Breed or Hillsong Live then you will definitely enjoy HPB. Their most played and downloaded song is currently ‘No Other Name.’ It is definitely worth a listen.

Kambua | ©
Kambua | ©


Kambua is a young female gospel artist who made her mark in gospel music in Kenya. She is a graduate from the prestigious Berkley School of Music.

Kambua has already released two albums; Nishikilie (Hold Me) and Nyumbani (Home). She is currently working on her third CD where she has already released two singles: ‘Again’ and ‘Umetenda Mema’ (He Has Done Good Things). The third CD is titled Umetenda Mema.


Furthermore, she is known for the raw emotion in her more mellow songs and catchy lyrics. Having received various awards in Kenya, she is definitely worth getting acquainted with.

Andy Mburu | YouTube Screenshot
Andy Mburu | YouTube Screenshot

Andy Mburu

If you like simple lyrics with a powerful message and smooth tempo then you should definitely listen to Andy Mburu. He is well known for his uplifting yet soothing sound.

Adawnage Band | © Kenyan Poet


Adawnage is a fusion of three words ‘A’ ‘DAWN’ ‘AGE’. This represents the dawning of a new age; a brand new start.

Adawnage is a Christian contemporary band with a vibrant combination of diverse individuals with rather different backgrounds who have come together. They had each initially tried to make it individually but later realized their multiplied success when they came together. Their main aim is to impact the world with positive, down-to-earth, and inspirational music.

Their sound cuts across genres including soft rock, reggae and Afro-fusion to name a few. It tends to be catchy but with rich and warm harmonies.

These are just a few of the Kenyan artists that you should listen to. Kenyan music is progressing and moving across the borders so download a couple of these songs and enjoy them on your next trip or when you’re in that crazy traffic. You’ll be glad you did.




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