Kenya to Issue Out New Electronic Identity Cards for All Citizens from 2019

As of 2019, Kenya is expected to issue new electronic identity cards to citizens. The information was provided by Gordon Kihalang’wa, Kenyan Director of Immigration at the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Consultative Meeting in Naivasha, Kenya. The Kenyan authority has indicated that the process of purchase and confection is already under way.

“The scanned document will be scanned at the border to facilitate the movement of people in the IGAD region,” said Kihalang’wa. According to the explanations of this one indeed, some of the information that will be available on the IDs include the details of the tax and driving licenses. He added that the new identity cards that Kenya is expected to publish in 2019 will facilitate the free movement of Kenyans in East Africa.

“Uganda and Rwanda are also introducing the new generation ID card, which will make travel and business easier in East Africa,” he said.

This ambition of Kihalang’wa is also that of Patrick Ole Ntutu, Administrative Secretary of the Cabinet of Kenya at the Ministry of the Interior, when he launched the National Consultative Workshop for the Development of the Regional Protocol on Free Movement of Persons in beginning of February.


This initiative should allow the country to open a little more its borders to facilitate the free movement.

“Among the main benefits that we will enjoy by facilitating the free movement of people and opening our borders to the world include, among other things, higher tourism and commercial volumes, the competitive economy, employment and education opportunities, and more. that social and cultural integration, “projected Ntutu.

With activated digital maps, Kenyans, as well as East Africans, once their respective countries have started broadcasting them, will be able to cross borders in East Africa without much hassle because their identities will be scanned at the border.

This is not the first time Kenya has embarked on digital forms of identification. In 2017, the Kenyan Immigration Department started issuing ePassports with an embedded chip containing holder details and biometric data.

Let’s remember that IGAD is a trade group of eight East African countries with initiatives aimed at improving the investment, commercial and banking environment of the Member States.


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