Kenya Seeks Chinese Investment to Develop Agro-Chemicals Industry

Kenya has created a friendly policy and environment to attract Chinese investment in the agro-chemicals market, a senior official said on Tuesday.

Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Willy Bett, said the next phase of Sino-Kenya agricultural cooperation will focus on development of a robust fertilizer and pesticide manufacturing sector.

“Kenya has been collaborating with China in the field of agriculture to enhance productivity of this sector. We encourage Chinese investors to explore our agro-chemical industry that has potential for growth,” Bett said.

He was speaking in Nairobi during the opening of the 2nd China-Africa Agro-chemicals Summit and Exhibition attended by policymakers, regulators and industry executives.

An estimated 40 Chinese firms are showcasing their products at the two-day exhibition.

Kenya wants strengthen partnership with China in the areas of research, technology and skills transfer in order to create a vibrant agro-chemicals industry, Bett said.


“China is a leading producer and exporter of fertilizers and chemicals for management of crop diseases and pests. The country can help us develop our own agro-chemicals industry,” said Bett.

Kenya is keen on adopting China’s technology and innovations to boost production of environmental-friendly pesticides and fertilizers, he said.

He added that Kenya’s regulatory agencies had streamlined issuance of permits to encourage foreign direct investment in the agro-chemicals industry.

Evelyn Lusenaka, CEO of the Agro-chemicals Association of Kenya, said the market for farm inputs like fertilizers and pesticides have bright prospects as Kenya is trying to modernize the agriculture sector.

“We have witnessed a rapid growth of agro-chemicals industry in Kenya as food production systems become highly mechanized. There is need to encourage more external players to invest in this sector,” Lusenaka said. Xinhua reports


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