Kenya Raises $42,609 At Biodiversity Event Organized By YILI Group, Chinese Embassy And UNEP

Bottom right: Nairobi National Park, Deputy Director KWS, Mr. Edwin Wanyonyi, Top left: Chief Medical Officer of UNEP, Dr. Joshua Anino, Top center: Chairman of YILI group, Mr. Pan Gang, Top right: Senior representative of UNEP, Mr. Max Gomera, Bottom left: H.E. Ambassador Wu Peng.

Kenya received 4.56 million Kenya shilling (42,609 US Dollars) donation and the initiatives of sustainable development and biological diversity in an event that was streamed live online by YILI group.

The ceremony marked on the International Day for Biological Diversity, was organized by YILI group, Chinese Embassy to Kenya and United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) at the Nairobi National Park of Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

It was the first online live stream cross-country donation event between China and Kenya with key information delivered “to be good to nature is to be good to ourselves”.

The event raised 4.56 million Kenya Shilling of both PPEs and cash donations and during which YILI group announced their 2019 sustainable development report and biological diversity report.

YILI Group Chairman Pan Gang and H.E.Ambassdor Wu Peng.

During the event, Chairman Pan Gang pointed out that YILI group believes in biological diversity and sustainable development. He said “Only if we protect biological diversity, so will sustainable development of the company be achieved.”


“Since 2007 YILI put forward the development concept of “green leadership”, we have been working to promote biological diversity by our own capacity and collaborations with other authorities for the past 14 years,” he submitted.

As dairy specialist for children, YILI QQ star has been at the forefront to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Mr. Max Gomera, representative of UNEP, said that YILI group has shown its commitment and action to help youngsters to understand nature and their awareness for sustainable development.

“Such events contributes greatly to the purpose of having international biological diversity day,” he added.

This even as the Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Wu Peng gave high credit to the event and said that YILI group would not only help wildlife conservation but also promote great nature of diversity.

Nairobi National Park

“It is a great opportunity for Chinese audience, especially the youngsters, to watch and experience the living environment of the wildlife and to understand what the challenges they are facing. Through the live camera-work, audiences can see a variety of wildlife from Nairobi National Park, and be part of it as the trip goes. It is not only a virtual safari trip but also a showcase of our diversified mother nature,” he submitted.

Meanwhile, YILI QQ star has released three Public Service Announcements (PSAs), which brings wildlife such as elephants and lions from Africa and pandas from China to modern city living, and also teaching the next generation that “to be good to nature is to be good to ourselves”.

Additionally, YILI QQ Star integrates AR and H5 technology into its products which allows kids to help animals in virtual reality to find better living environment to enhance the concept of wildlife conservation.

YILI group said they would like to invite more organizations, companies and individuals to join this wonderful journey from this year’s International Biological Diversity Day.

As Asia’s leading diary company, YILI has demonstrated its commitment and influence on supporting and promoting China-Africa partnership and “the Belt and Road Initiatives”.


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