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Kenya: President Uhuru Kenyatta Attacks Raila Odinga And Kofi Annan

While the president of the main opposition party, Raila Odinga, is in London after announcing the withdrawal of his candidacy for the next presidential election, Uhuru Kenyatta organized a rally last Saturday to reiterate that any foreign interference in the talks would not be welcome in Kenya.

He said Raila Odinga is no longer interested in running for election, but is looking for other ways to gain power.

“We pointed that out more than a year ago, and we can see things clearly. He tried in vain to gain power and now he is going to kneel before the Europeans to obtain votes, “said the Kenyan president.


“Foreigners will not help him because this is our country and we reiterate … that Kofi Annan or a third person is not welcome in Kenya for peace talks with someone who is not interested in an election, “he said.

In March, Annan led several months of negotiations for a peace agreement in Kenya after the post-election violence of 2007/2008 that killed more than 1,300 people. The peace agreement signed between retired President Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga ended the violence triggered by a disputed election.

Uhuru also said that the government will take firm measures against anyone who would destroy property during protests organized by the opposition.

“We are not going to watch the demonstrators destroy our police stations on behalf of the demonstrations. We are a State of law and that will remain so.

Vice-President William Ruto insisted that there will be no discussions on the division of power between the two main parties.

Ruto also criticized Raila for his trip to London, stressing that he is seeking support from foreign organizations for a power-sharing deal.

“Raila can go to all the cities of the world, but what matters is that we will not sit down for negotiations, we will let the people decide through the votes. So he has to be ready for the elections, “he said.

Raila traveled to London after he and Kalonzo Musyoka announced their withdrawal from the elections. He met with leaders, including the Minister of State for International Development, Rory Stewart, who raised concerns about the possibility of correcting the situation before the elections scheduled for October 26, adding that he was disappointed that Raila has withdrawn his candidacy.


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