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Kenya Police Apologize For Arresting Chinese Journalists And Workers

On Wednesday, a number of Chinese journalists and Chinese workers were
briefly detained during a raid by the Kenyan police in Nairobi. The Chinese
Foreign ministry has responded to the incident as below:

China Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying

The Kenyan police carried out a raid on illegal foreign workers on September
5 in which they took away several Chinese journalists and staff members of
Chinese-invested organizations who have legal documents. After learning this
situation, the Chinese Embassy in Kenya immediately lodged representation
with the Kenyan leadership, and all the involved people have been released
on that day. The Kenyan side apologized to China for its improper law
enforcement behaviour and promised to strengthen management of its
grassroots police officers as well as law enforcement norms and etiquette to
avoid a recurrence of such an incident.


We have learned that this raid was part of the Kenyan police’s operation to
crack down on illegal immigrants. It is not targeting or limited to Chinese
nationals. The Chinese Foreign Ministry also wants to avail itself of this
opportunity to alert Chinese nationals overseas to properly go through legal
procedures for their local business and residence in strict accordance with
laws and regulations.


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