Kenya Introduces Camel Patrol Unit to Fight Banditry in North Eastern Region

The Administration Police Service in Kenya has introduced a new unit that will be used to patrol remote sections of the Kenya-Somali border; the Camel Patrol Unit.

Sudanese Army soldiers patrol on camels./GETTY

More than 50 camels have already been trained alongside a team of officers who will use them, in an attempt to reduce casualties caused by Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), as well as attacks by bandits and terrorists in the remote border regions.


The Camel Patrol Unit, which will be based in Isiolo County, will also be used to help stave off cattle rustlers. Since 2016, up to 70 police officers have been killed in separate attacks in North Eastern Kenya.

The use of camels to fight crime is not uncommon. Countries like India, Australia and Jordan among others have been using these highly adaptable animals to navigate difficult terrain and alert officers of any impending danger due to their keen eyesight, among other attributes.

“Camels, if and when trained well, are intelligent animals that can see far and alert their riders of incoming danger. This is a good move,” according to a source.

A team of 100 officers meanwhile is meant to travel on a fact-finding mission to India to learn how to best use the camels.

Plans are also underway to have some of the trained camels participate in the Madaraka Day celebrations in Nairobi, next year.


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