Kenya Holds Top Spot In The Latest Ranking Of Best African Countries 2017!! SEE Full List….  

According to the ranking of “Good Country Index” published Sunday, July 23, Kenya on 12 th best countries in Africa and 92 th in the world. The ranking is done taking into account such aspects as: advances in science and technology, culture, peace and international security, climate, prosperity and equality, health and well-being. “Good Country Index” judges the contribution of each country of the earth for the common good of mankind.

Kenya is 56 th in science and technology, 68 th in the health and well-being, 70 th in peace and international security, 110 th in prosperity and equality. It is ranked 129 th in the world in terms of culture.


Other countries that fall into this classification are: Mauritius (33 th ), followed by Tunisia (43 th ), South Africa (51 th ), Egypt (53 th ), Ghana (63 th ), Cameroon (75 th ), Seychelles (79 th ), Morocco (80 th ), Benin (83 th ), Namibia (84 th ) and Cape Verde (87 th ).

The best countries in the world are: Sweden, followed by Denmark, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, France, Austria and Canada.


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