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Kenya Girl Explains Why She Had Intercourse With A Snake!! You Won’t Just Believe This…..


The incident occurred in the capital of Kenya where a beautiful 20-year-old girl was taken with a snake wrapped in her body in a position that appears to be a sexual position in her room.

One of her friends told us the incident, she was going to visit her girlfriend late at night when she saw a big snake above her.

She said “It was a Saturday night when my boyfriend called me and wanted me to join him in a nightclub. It was late and I could not go alone. I rushed to my friends to ask her if she could go with me. As soon as I opened the door, I saw a python on my friend. She does not notice and I was afraid that the snake would be there to attack it. So I rush to ask for help. When people came, they pushed open the door and I could not believe my eyes, I say my friend kisses the snake while inserting the snake’s tail in its pr!vate part. I was shocked”.


The crowd immediately gathered on it and wanted to kill the snake when the girl confessed they killed the snake, she will die with her boyfriend. She said her boyfriend was the one who turned into a snake and that he was a ritualist. But the crowd came forward and burned the snake and called a pastor to keep the girl.

The pastor came and prayed for the daughter. She confessed how she slept with all kinds of animals in the bush, it was the only way she could have all the money she wanted and pass all her exams.



Written by How Africa

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