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Kenya Is Getting Set To Host The First Crocodile Wedding Of The Year!!

It seems the Africa’s biggest crocodile wedding of the year is coming sooner than ever expected to Kenya and no it is not a wedding where all the guests wear crocodile shoes or carry crocodile handbags. The reality is even more unexpected.

Some real-life crocodiles, not involved in the making of any shoes or bags, are going to be joined in holy matrimony this December! Big Daddy, a crocodile considered one of the world’s largest crocodiles (he weighs more than 1,000kg) is to get married to his sweethearts and the crocodile wedding has already been announced.

Big Daddy lives on the Mamba Village crocodile farm in Mombasa, Kenya. The 100+ year old crocodile has two sweethearts Salma and Sasha. Big Daddy really enjoys hanging out with Salma and Sasha, and in fact, he sometimes allows them a bite of his own share of meat.

David Mbatu is the Mamba Village local, who is helping to organize the crocodile wedding. According to him, Big Daddy has impressed people with his commitment to the two females, staying with them for 30 years. That’s a long time even in human terms, “well done Big Daddy”.


The crocodile wedding plans include flowers for the two crocodile brides, Salma and Sasha, and a raw meat wedding cake. Hopefully, matrimony will not send Big daddy outside searching for younger and more exciting mates.

We wonder how Salma and Sasha feel about what will become their polygamous situation, but if they could stand the double-dating for 30 years they probably will not mind a bit.
Crocodile wedding

This September Big Daddy will take a stab at a world record when a team from the Guinness Book of Records arrives in Mombasa to measure his vital statistics, with a view of listing it in the book of records as one of the largest in the world, so his wives-to-be may just be getting a world famous catch when December arrives.

All this wedding news is almost enough to make you shed crocodile tears right?


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